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Work Registration Agreement Utah

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You must be unemployed without fail and you must have earned enough salary during your base period (the first 4 of the last 5 calendar quarters completed before the week you apply for benefits or, alternatively, in the last 4 quarters). In addition, you must be able and available for full-time work. If departmental authorization is granted in accordance with the elements of R994-403-202, the applicant is placed in deferred status after the start of the training and is not required to register for work or to seek and accept a job. The period of time is also valid for break periods between successive terms, provided the break period is four weeks or less. An applicant must search for a job prior to the start of the training, even if the applicant has been informed that the training has been approved. An applicant may be deferred if, due to seasonal factors, work is not available during the applicant`s main occupancy period and other suitable work is not available in the area. An applicant who is unemployed as a result of a conflict may be deferred, while a certificate of fitness is pending under subsection 35A-4-405 (4). If benefits are granted, the applicant must register immediately for work. You must submit weekly claims online, work and be available for work. Utah suggests that you should contact four employers each week to actively look for work, and if you don`t contact that number of employers, you may be denied benefits for this week. You must keep a record of your job search contacts and you will find forms that will help you in the application manual. In addition, you must complete all ten steps of the work registration for placement assistance with the Department of Labor Services. Finally, you must accept the appropriate work and declare all wages made.

An applicant who accepts a specific offer of full-time work that must begin within three weeks is deferred for that period. An applicant with a seizure with a former employer and reasonable assurance of returning to full-time employment within 10 weeks of filing or reopening a right may have deferred the work registration requirement to the scheduled recall date.