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Who Has Custody If There Is No Agreement

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This does not mean that parents have to call each other to every small decision, but it certainly means that both parents should be part of the discussion on important issues. And if the sperm donor sued me after 4 years of absence, gets the timeshare, but on weekends she is there he partyi g and it`s everywhere on Facebook. His grandmother and mother are also celebrating on his side. But I thought it was between father and daughter to know each other?.. What can I do if I`m in a club at night? And this is not the first time. We have a lot of photos that prove it. We just want them to have full custody. This guy is always the same as a teenager. This is usually a good idea for two reasons. First, a parent may want to make sure of the rights they have before reaching an agreement. A fair and lasting agreement can be reached if both parents understand their rights.

Second, if both parties agree, a lawyer can enforce the agreement as a legally binding court order that can be enforced through legal proceedings if one of the parties disobeys. The « doctrine of tender years » was abolished by law. S.C. Code Ann. § 63-15-10. This means that it is no longer presumed that a mother will receive custody of an infant. IF THE CHILD`S PARENTS ARE MARRIED and there is no court order for custody of the child, each parent has the same right to custody of the child. .