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Wfg Credit Card Agreement

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To be sponsored by a WFG product provider and obtain a provincial health/life insurance license, please file the following original documents: () all licensing forms, applications, photos, criminal record checks and/or receipt, etc., ;() all licence review fees must be paid by cheque or in order of borrowing from the relevant insurance board; Transamerica-Gesellschaftsvertrag/Associate Agreement (MIA Intermediary Agreement; 1 Kopie) ;() a full and current application for transamerica CLHIA for a contract or sponsorship. I agree that the World Financial Group Canada Inc. can verify my background information through an independent source regarding my credit file, business record, criminal conviction files and all other information relevant to my application and distribution relationship with Canada Global Financial Group Inc. and its related companies. I understand and agree that I must execute and comply with the agreement and approval attached to the World Financial Group Canada Inc. 11 Contractual relationship with WFG. The guidelines and rules of the Association Agreement are contractual complements to this agreement that are binding on the associated contract and which, by this reference, are an integral part of this agreement. The guidelines and rules relating to associated agreements are not subject to the termination obligations under this agreement; however, if the changes it contains are effective on the date of general publication. D. Corporate People. All WFG executives, directors and employees, past or present and in their individual or professional function. E.

Pacts. These alliances are outlined below in this section E. 1. Valuable assets of the WFG. The Partner understands and recognizes that by issuing large sums of money, WFG has developed the following valuable, special and unique assets: (i) a competent network of contract sales/representatives established across Canada but organized and trained, resulting in the WFG being a highly effective marketing organization; (ii) a long-term and differentiated relationship with privileged companies; and (iii) customers, particularly to the extent that WFG receives its primary remuneration from the sale of products and services to these customers. The partner understands and acknowledges that the commissions charged by the partner for the sale of products and services are in part compensation for the production of WFG`s property rights in its network of related distributors/representatives and in the products and services sold by the partner or his associates, and that the Associate`s agreement does not violate or violate those property rights and does not violate the agreements listed below. 2. Non-replacement of the customer.

In the absence of the question of the current adequacy of the product for the customer, the partner requires that he or she not arrive at any time during the duration of the agreement and for a period of two (2) years after, directly or indirectly, individually or in agreement with another, to induce a client or to try to persuade a client to terminate, reduce or replace the coverage among the products and services sold by the partner. In Section E, the client`s lifespan for the two (2) period following the termination of this agreement is limited to customers to whom the partner or associates have sold products and services and who continue to hold these products and services initially sold by associated companies or associates; and (ii) who, at the time of inciting or experimenting with incentives in the geographical area, stay within the 80 kilometres of the office or offices of the associated company (s) for the eighteen (eighteen) months prior to the end of this agreement.