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Uwa Eba Agreement

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The restructuring of UWA, which included the merger of UWA Publishing with its library, the transfer of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery to the vice-research firm, and the transfer of the Berndt Museum to the School of Indigenous Studies, has increased employees` fear of further job losses, especially since senior executives are not protected by the terms of a company bargaining contract concluded at the end of June. A UWA leaflet against the NTEU stated that the UWA Vice-Chancellor and the NTEU National Directorate had « sold the amendment to the company agreement to avoid job cuts », but that the clauses of the EAV explicitly allowed « forced dismissals, the protection of the persons occasioned being weak and not applying, unless these casual workers can demonstrate a « reasonable expectation » of the work in progress. which, in practice, is practically impossible. » NTEU members opposed to the EAV fear that the treaty change will not save jobs, but shows management that workers are easy goals. You have produced a video that promotes case no. Professor Chakma said the university needed to tackle its $70 million structural deficit « head-on » in the wake of COVID-19. UWA Vice Chancellor Amit Chakma.Source:Gabriel Oliveira The university`s new executive now occupies only five positions: Vice Chancellor, Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Education, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Deputy Deputy Deputy Vice-Chancellor, in order to « enable optimised and shared decision-making ». This approach should give schools « more autonomy and responsibility for strategic choices and innovations in order to advance the academic mission and experience of the university`s students. » This was done following negotiations between the NTEU and UWA management under the union`s Employment Protection Framework (JPF). UWA was one of the few universities to enroll. « It is my responsibility and top priority to preserve and develop the proud tradition of our university, to position ourselves for an ambitious and sustainable future and to respect the achievements of our ancestors, » said Professor Chakma. Sanna Peden, president of the National Tertiary Education Union UWA, said there was still a lot of uncertainty as the university is still in the process of formally consulting with staff on restructuring.

Perth College Teachers` Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2015 The four Executive Deans – who would normally represent their engineering and mathematics faculties; health sciences and medicine; science; and art, economics, law and education, and among the 11 positions in the leadership of the university – did not return to work after the decision. The EBA has been diverse in order to ensure that staff cannot be dismissed as a general cost-cutting measure without remuneration or involuntary dismissal, unless « in certain circumstances », in exchange for a 3% annual reduction in salaries, consisting of deferred salary increases and annual expenses of leave sacrificed.