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Travel Expenses Agreement

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If the conditions are NOT covered by the provisions of this Agreement (in the case of persons who have not been under contract, if all contractors believe they have agreed to our terms of participation), the following conditions must be provided to the production company before the subsistence allowance or payment or refund. All other receipts or proofs confirming travel expenses incurred on the day of departure and the day of return. In exceptional cases, the production company may agree to repay the debt at the end of the period if it is supported by a clear and well-argued explanation of why the claim was not submitted in time. In the event of the above filings after the due date and in the absence of an informed and reasonable statement, the production company reserves the right not to respond to the request for reimbursement of the costs. Travel expenses are reimbursed on the basis of the following fees: All authorized or relevant gas receipts and other receipts (if agreed in advance by memo or email). However, the application form must contain detailed information on timetables and routes, the full address of the departure location and the license plate. The maintenance allowance (per day) is paid in lump sum and is considered to cover all costs of the place of production, including accommodation, food and local transport costs (such as taxis or other public transport). Terms and conditions for reimbursement of travel and stay expenses to all persons We agree that travel and stay claim forms for all meetings or orders involving representatives of our organization, in which representatives of our organization participate or in which I participate expressly and individually at the invitation of the production company, accompanied by supporting documents in one (1) months after the meetings or orders in which I or our representatives participated. The definition and assessment of the eligibility of these expenses are determined separately on the basis of the current rules, decisions and procedures of the production company, which are verified and approved by the members of the board of directors and the committees assigned to the production. – urban transport expenditure (buses, taxis, metro, etc.) within the production, because they are covered by daily means of subsistence or by the own or organised transport of the production company. If expenses are paid in the form of currency, receipts must be submitted or amounts are refused and/or agreement for amounts covered by mentions before their use must be covered in writing. And these apply to all: in exceptional cases that are not covered by the previous provisions, to anyone invited by the production company as an expert to fulfill a leading role in the activities organized by the production company and in the interest of the production company, such as workshop facilitators, conference speakers or presentation providers or other film or production-related activities, the activities in question do not fall within the existing contractual obligations of these individuals or their organizations to the production company. In these cases, the reimbursement of travel and residence expenses to outside persons must be based on a formal decision of the competent director or manufacturer or another person authorized by delegation, prior to the invitation, in the form of a reference to the commitment file.

— the person has an explicit agreement with the organization that represents them and allows the reimbursement of expenses on their personal account. This explicit agreement, in the form of a formal declaration signed by the authorized person within the organization represented, must be attached to the financial identification form.