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Tax Service Agreement Template

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QUESTIONS ABOUT FILING: Sometimes, after the end of this commitment, questions arise as a result of a communication from a tax office or for some other reason. In this case, I can be available on request to provide additional services. Letters from the IRS, state and local tax authorities are common and do not always require a new appointment of a professional tax professional. I may need a new commitment and fee agreement to answer certain types of questions. With a variety of payment form options, including invoice forms, order forms, or purchase forms. Get started either by selecting a payment form template below, or by launching your own form and then selecting the payment path you want to use, for example.B. PayPal and Square. This is a model quality agreement for individual tax preparation services, which includes technologies and cost-saving methods to save time and money, while maintaining a high level of professional service (revised on 2.7.2019 for 2018 tax returns). Now that the two companies involved have been identified, we need to provide an accurate description of this task. For the first item (« I. Services »), a checklist has been provided to allow you to define the services that the accountant must provide to comply with this agreement. .