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Slb Guarantor Agreement Form

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6 Information on credit obligations and/or arrears in relation to its current/past/future employers, Immigration Office without liability for damages or losses that may result from such acts. 6.8 THE BORROWER expressly authorizes the SLB to provide the established credit bureaus with all the details of the borrower`s credit accounts, including payment history and account status. 6.9 THE BORROWER expressly authorizes the SLB to disclose the borrower`s credit status and credit account information to the Passport and Immigration Office, without any liability being taken in the event of damages or losses that may result from such disclosure. 7. DETTEL`borrower recognizes and accepts: a) for compensation of all credit bureaus provided by the SLB, regardless of credit status, with information on the borrower`s loan account. (b) to compensate the educational institution they attend, any professional organization to which the borrower is affiliated and/or to which it is related, to compensate any public body or any previous, current or future workstation of the borrower with respect to the disclosure of personal contact information to the SLB, if it is late in the loan contract. (c) to compensate the Passport and Immigration Office for the disclosure of personal contact data to the BSL in the event of a delay in the loan contract. (d) that updated personal contact information may be freely disclosed to any of the aforementioned institutions or agencies, without the borrower seeking legal action against them in relation to the disclosure of this information; and (e) that this information can be used by the SLB to recover the amounts due by the borrower in accordance with the contract. (f) that, if applicable, the SLB deposits grants, refunds or other amounts to be paid directly to the borrower in the bank account made available by the borrower on the application form. The borrower accepts that the SLB is not held responsible for any consequences resulting from the provision of invalid or erroneous bank account information.