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Operator Licence Maintenance Agreement

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It is the operator`s responsibility to ensure that safety check cards, driver failure reports and R-M records are kept for at least 15 months. This is the bare minimum: common sense says that a full service record from day one is a valuable supplement for every truck. Operators must therefore ensure that their MR supplier immediately returns all documents to them: the missing documents are a stain on the operator`s copy book. Electronic records eliminate the risk of false killings and Vosa is accessible for electronic collection and storage of inspection and service records, including online records. However, they must contain the same information as written records and be manipulative. Whether the recordings are kept electronically or on paper, VOSA wants to see an audit trail so that a driver error report is followed by proof of the shop`s attention and repair. 16. All operators should have access to a means of measuring braking efficiency and adjusting the target of the projector. For vehicles showing signs of visible smoke, a diesel smoke meter must be used to ensure that the smoke emission complies with legal requirements. VOSA`s « Guide to Vehicle Ability » makes it clear that operators must take steps to ensure that their maintenance operator`s work is up to date: « Even if you are in good contact with a contractor, you should have a regular quality monitoring system.

Obtaining annual test data from the first period holder is a way to verify that their performance is satisfactory, but this should be supplemented by other audits. Any signs of incompetence, incompetence or other inadequacies leading to a reduction in the standards achieved should be taken into account immediately. Here too, a good working relationship can help, but if problems persist, you may want to consider changing contractors. Maintenance contracts are designed to eliminate risk. With regard to inspection and basic services contracts, the risk is very low, because the preventative maintenance costs – service time, remuneration and consumables – are known, so the only risk you avoid is that these costs will rise faster than inflation. This makes it relatively easy to evaluate these contracts and compare them with the work rates and consumer prices you would otherwise pay. But it is far from easy to assess the value of broader R-M contracts. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) estimates that more than 50% of the safety deficiencies discovered by its vehicle inspection service should have been recovered during the driver`s taxi control. As an operator, your operator`s driver`s license requirements for the ability to drive are partly in the hands of your drivers and your maintenance provider, but at the end of the day, the goat stops at home – a disappointing idea that should remain the first to choose who controls, who controls and drives your vehicles. Responsibility and liability can never be contracted. Once the two-year repair and maintenance contract is concluded, he negotiates a second contract with Solway Daf, but this applies to service and inspection, not to the full MR. When conducting your own safety inspections and maintenance, you must keep records that include: Truck manufacturers typically offer at least two types of maintenance contracts.