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Mhec Agreement

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No, it is not a financial assistance program or is not in any way tied to scholarships, bonuses or financial envelopes that students receive. The ACM program is not competitive, focused on performance or demand. Because the ACM program is a 15-country cooperation agreement, the State of Maryland also responds and reduces education for students in CMA partner countries. Students should confirm their university`s policy on aid and participation in the CMA. The WVU system will terminate its core academic common market contract from the summer of 2020. The WVU will continue to accept graduates of ACM programs. Partner Participation Criteria All partners must meet the following criteria. For more information on the MHEC program and the terms of participation, please contact hpmhec@synnex.com. In August 2016, MHEC hosted a competitive sourcing event for highly educational IT solutions for complex hybrid management systems and awarded Oracle America Inc.

a contract for oracle: programs, licenses and support for software updates, hardware support, hardware and system support, training, consulting services, cloud services and management services. The contract is available to all public and non-profit universities. Oracle requires user registration to access the contract. Oracle is in the process of updating its website to support the MHEC contract. For contract documents, contact chris.wandling@oracle.com. If you need help, please contact nathans@mhec.org. All reporting requirements for the use of MHEC contacts can be forwarded to reporting@mhec.org. To request access to a program that is not currently approved, please provide the student`s acceptance letter to the university major, as well as the link to the program and course descriptions for the requested program. If a similar program is found not to be available in Maryland, the access request will be directed to the Southern Region Educational Board (SREB). Depending on the SREB, it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to process the application.

Please email your request to acm.mhec@maryland.gov. Please note that the student must be fully and unconditionally admitted to an academic program of a participating institution to request access to a new program. Please note that the WVU system is renouncing its agreement on the Common Academic Market (ACM) for students from the summer 2020 semester (WVU will continue to accept graduates of ACM programs). You will no longer be eligible for a new participation in the WVU CMA if you do not maintain an update to your residence in Maryland and/or a good academic status in the program for which you have been certified. If you change majors, even if the new major has participated in the CMA, or if you do not meet the university`s requirements to continue participating in the CMA, you lose the authority to forego state studies at the WVU. MHEC has also entered into agreements with its sister pacts of the New England Board of Higher Education, the Southern Regional Education Board and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Commission to allow the same institutions in these regions to use the contracts.