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Java License Agreement Nuclear

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C. SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION LICENSE. The license described in this Section C does not cover the software identified in Section G. « Licensed Third Party Technology » means third-party technologies that are licensed under separate terms and not under the terms of this Agreement. The software may contain certain software licensed from third parties to Commvault. Those licensors are the third-party beneficiaries of the EULA who have the right to impose safeguards and other provisions of the EULA and to verify their compliance. « Oracle Authorized Use of the Product » means your internal use of the Programs solely for the purpose of performing them: (a) Products labeled as Schedule A Products in java.com/oaa; and/or (b) software applications designed using products labeled java.com/oaa as Schedule B products by an oracle authorized licensee of such Schedule B products. If you are not sure whether the application you want to run with the programs was developed with a Schedule B product, please contact your application provider. A) The following software may be included in this product: CS CodeViewer v1.0; Use of this software is subject to the following license terms: These additional license terms supplement or modify the terms of the binary license agreement. Majeescrits terms that are not defined in these additional terms have the same meaning as that ascribed to them in the binary license agreement. These additional terms supersede all inconsistent or conflicting terms of the binary license agreement or any license contained in the software. If this software is not made available to you for beta, demonstration, testing or evaluation purposes or, as further described, « not for resale », you agree to use the software exclusively for your internal data center operation and to limit access to the software, documentation or other user information that is, only to those of your employees, who are proven to need such access for your internal data processing operations….