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India Signed Military Logistics Support Agreement With How Many Countries

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The signing of the logistics agreement demonstrates the priority that Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s government places on a closer defense relationship with the United States, said Benjamin Schwartz, India`s national director at the Pentagon until last year. Logistics agreements are administrative arrangements that help facilitate the recovery of fuel, rations, spare parts (if necessary) as well as berths and maintenance stations for warships, military aircraft and troops from other countries during routine port gatherings, exercises and training in the countries of the other country, as well as during humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR). These agreements simplify accounting at such events and ensure that host country forces benefit from the use of the host country`s existing logistics network, which also reduces total costs and saves time. LEMOA facilitates the provision of logistical support, supplies and services between the U.S. and Indian military on a repayable basis and provides a framework for managing them. « They agreed on the importance of the (this) framework to facilitate innovative and advanced opportunities in defence technology and trade cooperation. To that end, the United States has agreed to elevate trade and technology with India to a level equivalent to its closest allies and partners, » he said in a joint statement after the pact was signed. For example, since LEMOA signed with the United States in 2016, Indian warships stationed near the Gulf of Aden near the Gulf of Aden, Indian warships have been stocking up on U.S. Navy tankers in the region and have the same flexibility to refuel U.S.

Navy ships around the world or, if necessary, to arrive at ports under their control. The versatility and scope of this arrangement have recently been highlighted as INS Kiltan, an Indian Navy anti-submarine warfare army, carried out with the U.S. Navy merchant ship Richard E. Byrd, a Clark-class dry cargo and ammunition ship, in the South China Sea after the signing of the logistics agreement with France in 2018, Indian warships and military aircraft may use the French base of Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, or the French territory of the Reunion Islands in India. Ocean for a quick « tour » of its assets.3 A logistical agreement with Russia would allow the Indian navy access to Arctic seaports that, due to global warming, are likely to be ice-free for long periods in the future. In addition to extending the range of Indian warships, these agreements provide additional operational flexibility for Indian navy long-haul aircraft. The Indian Navy has in inventory the ultra-powerful Boeing P8I it acquired in 2013. The aircraft has a multitude of advanced weapons and sensors capable of attacking both surface and clandestine targets.

With a range of 1200 nm (with four hours on the station) and a speed of 789 km/h, India`s maritime aircraft forms the « first line of defence » (4). The agreement on the reciprocal provision of supplies and services between the Indian armed forces and Japan`s self-defence forces was signed here on 9 September. « The agreement should facilitate the smooth and rapid delivery of supplies and services between Japan`s self-defense forces and the Indian armed forces, » he said.