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Google Advertising Agreement

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13. Not exclusive. This AdWords API Agreement is not an exclusive agreement. You acknowledge that Google may develop and develop products or services that may compete with that AdWords API, AdWords API customers, or other products or services. 1 program. Customer authorizes Google and its affiliates to place Customer`s advertising materials and associated technology (together « ads » or « creation ») on content or real estate (one « property » each) provided by Google or its affiliates on behalf of Google itself or, as the case may be, a third party (« Partner »). The customer is solely responsible for all: (i) creative, (ii) decisions regarding advertising trade or targeting (z.B keywords) (« Goals »), iii) Characteristics to which Creative Viewers (e.g.B. For example, an ad or target from Google may be declined or removed if it violates policies or if Google believes that the ad or target would expose Google or a partner to liability. Google and its associates may modify or terminate programs at any time. Customer acknowledges that Google or its affiliates may participate in program auctions to support its own services and products.

Certain features of the program are referred to as « beta, » « ad experience, » or otherwise unsupported or confidential (together , » « beta features »). Customer may not disclose any information from beta features, or the terms or presence of non-public beta features. 2 directives. Customer is solely responsible for its use of the Programs (e.g.B. Access and Use of Program Accounts and Protection of Usernames and Passwords (« Use »). Use of the Program is subject to Google`s current policies available in www.google.com/ads/policies and any applicable partner policies that Google makes available to Customer (as amended from time to time in the « Policies »). Some frequently asked questions about policies are answered by the following policies: Google`s privacy policy, available under www.google.com.au/privacy.html; the Advertising Cookies Directive, which is available under www.google.com/ads/cookies; and the brand guidelines available in www.google.com.au/permissions/guidelines.html. With respect to the program, Google will abide by Google`s privacy policy. Customer authorizes Google or its affiliates to change the ads as described in the policies. Customer will not allow any third party to generate (i) automated, fraudulent or otherwise invalid impressions, queries, clicks or conversions, (ii) conceal conversions for programs when they need to be disclosed, or (iii) use automated means or forms of scraping or data extraction to access Google advertising information from a property, access or otherwise collect it; unless expressly authorized by Google.

Customer only forwards messages regarding ads on partner properties to Google in accordance with these terms….