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3 By automating the complexity of implementation and signing an agreement, eAgrements can help reduce data entry errors and processing time and improve the experience for both partners and customers. With the eAgrements tool, you can create contract packages for all these Microsoft: Service Provider License Agreements (SPLA) Open Value Subscription Agreement o Enterprise Enrollment o Enterprise Subscription Enrollment o Enterprise Subscription Enrollment (SCE) Select Plus Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Variations between programs There are some slight differences between creating contract packages for different types of programs. You will find information on these variants in the following sections regarding the different types of programs: Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) Open Value Subscription Enterprise Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) Select Plus Agreements Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) e A gr.e. u`t i i de 6 Create a new agreement This section outlines the general steps of creating a new agreement (contract package) for all types of customers. Microsoft Licensing Programs. 20 Withdrawal of bid If a package of contracts is created as part of Eagrements, it is possible to withdraw the bid from the package in order to make further changes if necessary. Once a package has been dropped, the Disengage button becomes visible. By removing the package, its status is due to design. All treatments must be completed and the package must be re-submitted for the customer`s signature. Note that after the revocation, the previous version of the contract is invalid.

1. Click on the resignation to withdraw the contract. 2. Click Yes to confirm the payment. Once completed, there are two indicators that have removed the package: 1. The Remove button is reset on the Delete button. 2. The status has re-sent from the unpaid customer`s signature to the design notification It is possible to re-send the transmission notice s.

1. Click Send notification again. 20 7 A pencil engraving on the button means that no information has yet been entered in this section.