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Cmia Agreements

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Treasury State Agreement – The U.S. Treasury agreement outlines accepted financing techniques and methods for calculating interest and identifying federal aid programs that are governed by 31 CFR 205. Administrative expenses – expenses incurred by a public authority in the management of a federal aid program. There are indirect costs associated with this term. Technical Financing Compensation Estimate – A number of draws are made to cover a payment based on the estimated amount of funds that clear the state bank account each day after payment. The missions of the public authorities that manage CMIA programs are: CMIA – Cash Management Improvement Act of 1990, which governs how funds are transferred between the federal government and the government for certain programs. For federal drawing systems that reject applications if federal funds are not available in the system, apply and print the notice of refusal as evidence of the state`s compliance with the TSA. If necessary, call the federal authorities to inform them that federal funds are not available through TSA. Document efforts to request federal funding in accordance with the TSA. The tasks of the Financial Management Office are: indirect costs – production costs that are necessary for the operation and implementation of its federal assistance programs, but which are not easily identifiable by a federal project or program. Obligational Authority – The existence of a final obligation of the federal government to provide a state with adequate resources for the implementation of certain programs, whether the obligation is made before or after the payment of funds for the purposes of a state program. This term means that an obligation to a state has been fulfilled and does not relate to the amount of budgetary resources available. Electronic Money Transfer (EFT) – In connection with federal payments to the states, the provision of funds by wire transfer or the Automated Clearing House.

Program – A program is the range of activities that appear in the federal Cathedral Assistance Number (CFDA) catalogue under the Federal Domestic Assistance Number (CFDA) catalogue and are classified according to the Federal Home Assistance Number (CFDA). It may consist of one or more grants. Funding through a federal letter of credit may be only part of a program`s source of revenue, or a single letter of credit may cover more than one program.