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Are the serif scripts more readable than Sans Serif or vice versa? In a word, no. Ask a graphic designer or publisher, and they are almost sure to give you their personal opinion in one way or another, but readability studies usually find little or no difference. As Alex Poole says, « If there`s a difference, it`s too small to worry about. » If you are looking for a list of satisfactory fonts, this is plentiful. Arial, Tahoma and Verdana have you covered for basic, bold and blocky fonts, while Palatino and Century have a smooth and sophisticated serife to them. For something that reads online, the default secure option is Arial for text body and Times New Roman for title. Or you can try Helvetica for Body and Century Schoolbook for titles. If you`re tired of Times New Roman, try Garamond for the text and contrast it with Frutiger or Futura for the headlines. The availability of the policy depends on your software and if you use a PC or a pimp, so for the full lists, you will find the list of will Harris` pairs of fonts and the 19 best Douglas Bonneville fonts in 19 combinations. Police properties. When two fonts are printed in the same size, one is larger than the other.

Larger x heights make a larger font appear. Differences in line thickness and character width also affect the perceived size of fonts. What do they mean, height x, small capes, serifs, tribes, ascendants and descenders? However, readers` expectations influence legibility. Pass a 50-sided report to someone in a font without serif, and the unknown can quite touch a blow. Similarly, people do not expect them to read policies online. If you use one as a conscious style choice, go – make sure it`s justified. (By this we think you have a justification for this, not that it fits closely on either side of the site.) You can also see other lawyers as a guide. After the change in Virginia, the ABA Journal asked its readers to incriminate their favorite legal policies. There were a lot of Fans of Century Schoolbook (which lawyer doesn`t want to feel like a Supreme Court judge when they end up typing?), as well as Cambria, Garamond and Times New Roman users. Serif fonts are not normally used for text to be read on the screen, as seifs on low-resolution screens can be blurred and inhibit legibility. However, some Serif fonts, such as Georgia, have been specially designed to display well on low-resolution screens (and you can see it in action on the New York Times website). Readability and legibility.

A determining factor in the choice of a writer is her « readability. » Many writings are designed to give a sense of novelty or imagination, characteristics that are irrelevant and even undesirable for contracts, prospectuses or legal advice. Legibility is influenced by a variety of factors, some of which are more important than others.