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Ad Referendum Agreement

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A proposal or resolution referred to other parties for approval or sanction; « referendum. » Early 18th century; Earlier use to Abel Boyer (?1667-1729), lexicographer and journalist. From the postclassical Latin ad-referendum to the approval of the parties concerned, subject to the approval of the classic Latin ad-referendum. We want to… the government to respect the Constitution, what we are asking for is to forget these constitutional amendments (to allow unlimited re-election) and a referendum on this issue and on the country we want. [Latin: mandatory note] Towards a contract or other matter subject to the agreement of other parties, and conclusion … in the context of the designation or designation of a decision, an injunction, etc., made on that basis; which is subject to the agreement of other parties. The market seems to think that the worst can be avoided and that Greece will accept the bailout after the referendum, and if we see more opinion polls on the referendum in the coming days, they will certainly move the market. The person who really has to beat Hogan is Trump, if it`s a referendum on Hogan, he wins. If this is a referendum on Trump, it`s a one-minute.

We have been read the signs for some time, since the announcement of the referendum, the interest of international companies has increased. subject to the agreement of others and the completion of the details: an ad referendum treaty. You say that nothing will be possible with you (the Swiss) before the arrival of the British referendum, Great Britain, we are told, will not be delighted that the Swiss-EU question intervenes in its campaign. Until the parties concerned or a higher authority agree; other parties and (as a rule) the completion of the details. If you purchased a printed title containing a disposable access, you will find information about registering the code in the tokens. « Stuffing » vs. « Dressing »: Do you know the difference? What is the difference between « it`s » and « being »? « Epidemic » vs. « Pandemic » vs. « Finmic »: What do these terms mean? Do you describe 2020 in one word? We asked, you answered. Etymology: By Latin expression that needs reference.

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